Thursday, 27 July 2017

More Prepositions...

More Prepositions...

Participle Preposition
A participle preposition is a participle (like an, ed, or ing verb) which acts as a preposition such as assuming, considering, barring, given, concerning, notwithstanding, pending, during, regarding, respected, provided, etc.
  • I get sick during summer season.
  • I would like to speech regarding healthy food.
  • My project work is still pending.
  • I think I can pass the exam easily considering my hard work.

Double Preposition
Double prepositions are words having two prepositions (joined together to make a whole new one) such as into, onto, outside of, out of, within, from behind, because of, etc.
  • We need to solve three questions out of five given
  • We won the game just because of Ramesh.
  • I need to complete my project within four days.

Other Types of Prepositions
Following are other types of prepositions:

Preposition of Place
Prepositions of place are used to show the place where something is located such as at, in, on, while, during, near, over, under, between, behind, etc.
  • Dog is on the floor.
  • My home is near to the office.
  • My home is behind the metro station.
  • Mom is in the room.

Preposition of Time:
Prepositions of time are used to indicate time of an action or time relationship between nouns in the sentence. Such as at, to, in, etc.
I go to school daily at nine o’clock.
My result gets declared in March.

Preposition of Direction
Prepositions of direction are used to indicate direction of someone or something in the sentence such as over, under, to, on, into, in, onto, right, left, etc.
·        It's time to go to
·        The train is going into the tunnel.

·         We are going over the bridge.