Thursday, 29 June 2017

Semi Passive Voice

Semi Passive Voice

Some verbs are in Passive form but they do not lose their Active form also.
They are termed as semi Passive Verbs.

Active Voice :-Subject+Verb+Adjective
Changes into
Passive Voice :-Object +Auxilary + Adjective + When + Past Participle

This banana tastes ripe.>This banana is ripe when tasted.
This house needs white washing.>This house needs to be white washed.

Let us see what we have learnt

1.         These grapes taste sour.                                              
2.         This dish does not taste good.
3.         These Champaks smell fine.                           
4.         This milk tastes sweet.
5.         These mangoes smell lovely.                          
6.         The book is printing

Check yourself here

1.         These grapes are sour when tasted.                 
2.         This dish is not good when tasted.
3.         These Champaks are fine when smelt.            
4.         This milk is sweet when tasted.
5.         These mangoes are lovely when smelt.                       
6.         The book is being printed.