Thursday, 29 June 2017

Passive Voice where ‘by’ is not used

Passive Voice where ‘by’ is not used

Subject  + Phrasal Verb + obj.
Object + Auxiliary + Past Participle + Preposition + subject.
He pleased me. >I am pleased with him.
This boy knows me.>I am known to this boy.
His behaviour offended me.>I was offended with his behaviour.
His success surprised everybody.>Everybody was surprised at his success.

Change into Passive Voice

1.      She knows us.                                          2.         This jug contains milk.
3.      Her speech vexed us.                               4.         His success pleased his parents.
5.      Your strange style surprises me.    6.         You could not please your uncle.
7.      Does this box contain books?                    8.         Do you know Rakesh?
9.      What do these cupboards contain? 10.        Sachin's score pleased the world.

Answers :
1.      We are known to her.                               2.         Milk is contained in this jug.
3.      We were vexed at her speech.                  4.         His parents were pleased with his success.
5.      I am surprised at your strange style.          6.         Your uncle could not be pleased with you.
7.      Are books contained in this box. ? 8.         Is Rakesh known to you ?

9.      What is contained in these                         10.        The world was pleased with Sachin's                              cupboards ?                                                   score.