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Passive of Sentences having Double objects

Passive of Sentences having Double objects
Such sentences can be changed into Passive in two ways 1-Beginning with the first Object Example He gave me an umbrella.>I was given an umbrella by him. 2-Beginning with Second Object Example He gave me an umbrella.>An umbrella was given to me by him.
Let us see what we have learnt
1.He teaches us English. 2.I paid him his salary. 3.My mother gave this watch to me. 4.I gave him a book. 5.He gives alms to the poor.

Check yourself here
1.We are taught English by him OR English is taught to us by him.
2.He was paid his salary by me. OR

Semi Passive Voice

Semi Passive Voice
Some verbs are in Passive form but they do not lose their Active form also. They are termed as semi Passive Verbs.
Active Voice :-Subject+Verb+Adjective Changes into Passive Voice :-Object +Auxilary + Adjective + When + Past Participle
Example This banana tastes ripe.>This banana is ripe when tasted. This house needs white washing.>This house needs to be white washed.

Let us see what we have learnt
1.         These grapes taste sour.                                               2.         This dish does not taste good. 3.         These Champaks smell fine.                            4.         This milk tastes sweet. 5.         These mangoes smell lovely.

Passive Voice where ‘by’ is not used

Passive Voice where ‘by’ is not used

Subject  + Phrasal Verb + obj. Object + Auxiliary + Past Participle + Preposition + subject. Examples He pleased me. >I am pleased with him. This boy knows me.>I am known to this boy. His behaviour offended me.>I was offended with his behaviour. His success surprised everybody.>Everybody was surprised at his success.

Change into Passive Voice
1.      She knows us.                                          2.         This jug contains milk. 3.      Her speech vexed us.                               4.         His success pleased his parents. 5.      Your strange style surprises me.    6.         You could not please your uncle. 7.      Does this box contain books?                    8.         Do you know Rakesh? 9.      What do these cupboards contain? 10.        Sachin's score pleased the world.


MANIAS According to dictionaryMania is a state of abnormally elevated arousal, affect, and energy level, or "a state of heightened overall activation with enhanced affective expression together with liability of affect. It is often taken as synonym for insane, deranged, demented, maniacal, lunatic, crazed, wild, demonic, demoniacal, hysterical, raving, neurotic, unhinged, unbalanced; crazy.
Some of the main MANIAS

Word Definition ablutomania mania for washing oneself agromania intense desire to be in open spaces anthomania obsession with flowers aphrodisiomania abnormal sexual interest